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Actor & Recording Artist D'Breeon


Climbing the Charts and making more of a

Name with his latest album:


Take The Time


feature track “Go Loco”


D’Breeon’s music shines through innovation and the ability to blend contemporary music styles

including soul, jazz, and R&B. Classically trained in saxophone and piano.  D’Breeon’s main

focus is to introduce the mainstream music audience to a new style he is calling the Beach Front Bump.

His latest single release “Go Loco” is the first song on his new album "Take the Time". You can subscribe to this website  and get new releases before they are officially distributed around the world. In 2012 Hollywood Headliner, Inc. was formed and by 2013 had signed its first artist "D'BREEON". Within a few months the press began to report about D'BREEON:

Utica, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- The son of world renown concert pianist, Bryant

Michael Davis (a.k.a. D'Breeon) began his musical career at age six where he began playing

piano and saxophone. While in college, Davis studied under prominent jazz bassist Richard

Davis at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. During this period, D’Breeon composed pop

tunes with his band called The Dans, and became well known as an energetic pop singer and

‘new school’ saxophonist. D’Breeon was invited up to paisley park studios to record “Call Her”

where he met Prince, Shiela E and many others.

After graduating college and two years working as a producer and engineer in Chicago,

D’Breeon moved to Los Angelus where he performed at the Sidewalk Café in Santa Monica and

the Roxy and Gaylord in Beverly Hills. In addition to establishing a name for himself in the

United States, D’Breeon also traveled to Dresden - Germany, where he performed at the Blue


“Do It” - 2000 Cooool R&B and Club-Jazz for Hipsters mixes. Innovative and original -

D'Breeon's fat vocals and awesome alto and soprano saxophone playing with infectiously

positive lyrics and a drum'n'bass funk groove.

“Fantasy” - 2005 Double album comes with a double punch: The hottest R&B sound on CD 1

and the coolest Club Jazz on CD 2. The perfect combination to chill…

“The Art of Pleasure” -2010 This is the best CD yet from D’Breeon. It has that bump and knock

of your favorite hits with a message. The slick & sexy sax playing creates the mood and

especially enhanced when you’re with your special someone. This is a must have for your

collection. For those of you that are eco friendly you have to hear “The Art of Pleasure”. The

vocals are delivered in a twenty first century format guaranteed to stimulate the pallet in both of

your ears as they take you on a musical journey like you have never been on before with


Alongside his performing, D’Breeon also worked as an audio engineer for the Black Hole Studio

where he worked with Platinum Producer Kenny McCloud and a variety of artists including Chi

Sound Records, Altar Records, Masonic Music, Quick Silver, Big Sound Records, Hollywood

Headliner. Snowballing from a successful L.A. tour, D’Breeon was offered a distribution deal with

Sly Doggie Productions/Universal Musical Group in 2012 with Hollywood Headliner Inc.

"Where The Party" 2013 This album provides listeners with a new glimpse into jazz. Classic

piano and saxophone drive new school melodies and lyrical content, providing a bridge between

old and new. D’Breeon’s experience as a music engineer lends to the production of “Where The

Party At”, which was produced using Pro Tools and Logic. The overall sound is crisp, well

engineered, and pushes the boundaries of conventional jazz.

Many of D’Breeon (aka Bryant Michael Davis)’s songs like “Call Her{Recorded at Paisly

Park}”,“Hollywood Swing”, "Something" and many more recent songs have been Grammy Nominated and are now available on iTunes, CD Baby, the internet and his official site, dbreeon.com. For more information on D’Breeon, his latest album, and previous studio

releases, visit http://www.dbreeon.com .

There is a message that starts in the club. Listen to all of the songs and see

where they take you. This time we have together is true and well spent. Let the

music take you to a place and places you have never been before. Put on your

dancing shoes, you party clothes and your chill style with a smile. Let this Album

take you there. The Question is: Where The Party At? You don't want to miss out -

this is the party of a lifetime. Well thats all for now so do your best to check out

each song as they fit together for a higher purpose and thats the gift. These songs are

great for holidays and family and of course the clubs. Some folks are calling this

Christian Club that predated the current Beach Front Bump (check out B Pop for the detailed dance maneuvering). Hold on though cause it has all the elements including the new style

Dub with D'BREEON Jazz and R&B. Become a fan and do what you can to help lift

the collective conscious higher than ever. Back that thing up and bump these beats

as they came from the streets - get your new groove on with the best CD ever

written by Bryant Michael Davis aka D’BREEON

“World” 2015 -Urban Praise: Positive Music for 2020 in 2015.

Check out this new style of Power Positive Music. It takes Gospel to a new level.

In 2018 D’BREEON wrote and produced one more Urban Praise - "Be Blessable" album based

on the importance of not complaining. After a bit of review the word said snakes and scorpions

come when folks complain.


Now its 2021 and its time for FUN.  D’BREEON is releasing his first major release with Hollywood Headliner Inc. in Urban Christian. This new album “Take the Time” delivers urban house music in the traditional r&b/jazz flavor seasoned with the new style created by D’BREEON himself. It’s called the “Beach Front Bump” - Check D’BREEON out as he really delivers on Vocals, Rap, Flute, Keyboards and Tenor Sax.


For Additional Information Visit the Website at: https://praim.vip or http://dbreeon.com

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